A specific of the interaction of the investigator with the operational units during investigation of criminal offences, explosives and explosive devices related to illegal turnover

: 123-128
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology

The article examines the specifics of the investigator's interaction with operational and investigative units during the investigation of criminal offenses related to the illicit trafficking of explosives and explosive devices, the investigator's interaction with operational services at the stage of reviewing information about the crime, differences in interaction interaction and the procedure for involving operational staff in joint activities. Additional classification bases of forms of interaction such as the maintenance of activity of interacting persons, duration of interaction and the initiator of interaction are considered. Emphasis is placed on the differences in identifying the facts of illicit trafficking in explosives and explosive devices of information and active forms of interaction.

Emphasis is placed on the practical importance for optimizing the work of the investigator and operational officer to verify the investigative versions of the coordinated planning of activities.

The directions of transformation of previously received information are considered, namely, unification of separate, time-separated data by realization within the limits of mutual consultations of members of investigative and operative group, discussion of the received results of their activity; increasing information by checking the available data on various types of operational and reference accounting; transformation of the received information for search, drawing up of subjective portraits, carrying out of preliminary researches for reception of the new information or confirmation of the available.

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