Object of the criminal offense provided by art. 126-1 of the Criminal code of Ukraine

: 164-169

Baran A. “Object of the criminal offense provided by art. 126-1 of the Criminal code of Ukraine.”

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine

The article analyses the issue of the object of the criminal offense under Art. 126-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. It identifies different approaches to the definition of the main direct object of domestic violence, their advantages, and disadvantages. According to the sanctions imposed by the legislator, the criminal offense of domestic violence due to the degree of severity is a non-serious crime. 

The very definition of the object of unlawful encroachment is the main starting point for clarifying the nature of any criminal offense. The main feature of the object of any criminal offense is social relations because social relations reflect the most important ties between people, the realization of their social interests in the process of life. The commission of a criminal offense leads to the violation of these ties, which implies consequences in the form of harm to the person, society and provides for the social danger of such acts. 

25. The generic object of this criminal offense is public relations in the field of health and life of a person. 

Based on the theory, the object of the criminal offense corresponds to social values, and the main direct object of domestic violence is: the victim, ie the spouse or ex-spouse or another person with whom the perpetrator is (was) in a family or close relationship, its integral good - health; the human rights (of the victim) to health care, honour, dignity, freedom, the right to work, education, entrepreneurship, a sufficient standard of living for himself and his family, property rights, etc.; social ties between members of society.

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