: 123-132
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Department of Architectural Design

The article substantiates the directions of spatial organization and development of Lviv in the context of formation urban establishment «Greater Lviv» — a systematic complex with unique behaviour. The methodology of developing conceptual documents of spatial organization and urban development in new political and socio-economic conditions is substantiated. The methodological platform for the implementation of this work includes the position of the general theory of systems and systems engineering; evolution and development theory based on fundamental concepts of heredity, variability and selection; a five-dimensional model of urban space that is used to analyze and evaluate spatial situations and to substantiate conceptual design decisions. The concept (a general concept of system development), reflected in the ideas, principles and macro characteristics, is aimed at reconciling administrative-legal, territorial-landscape, socio-economic, operational-technological and other aspects of the formation and spatial development of «Greater Lviv».

The necessity to streamline the system of development of strategic documents for cities and territories, to increase the role of concepts and master plans in managing urban development and to increase the efficiency of using their potential has been proven.

The requirements for the development of the city and increasing the efficiency of its space, the algorithm for substantiating decisions and developing the concept of «Greater Lviv» are revealed. The concept includes basic ideas, principles of organization and development, as well as macro indicators of the urban planning system for a certain time horizon and ends with a set of specific design decisions and proposals. The core idea is forming of Lviv as a big and majestic city.

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