: 219-226
Department of Architecture and Conservation Lviv Polytechnic National University

The main gates were intended for the passage or passage of a large number of people in public, defensive or sacred complexes. They also had a symbolic meaning. In monastery and temple complexes, the main gate served as a boundary between secular and divine space with high spiritual values, a place of prayer and repentance. The article examines the main entrance gates of the St. George complex, which have survived to this day in an almost authentic form.The architectural, artistic and compositional solution of two gates - important structural elements of the St. George complex - was considered and analyzed. Architects created high-art works using architectural and artistic means, which according to their proportions, artistic and compositional solutions fit harmoniously into the structure of the St. George complex. The architecture of the gates reflects the skill and talent of artists of a certain historical era. They belong to unique works of art that have historical and cultural value, therefore their protection and preservation is relevant nowadays. In the process of research, the technical condition of the two gates was studied and restoration measures were developed in order to preserve them from further destruction.

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