Use of zeolite of the Sokyrnytsa deposit in engineering of environment

Sabadash V. Use of zeolite of the Sokyrnytsa deposit in engineering of environment / V. Sabadash // Вісник Національного університету "Львівська політехніка". - 2014. - № 781. - С. 154-157.


Sabadash V.V.

In the given article the theoretical bases of adsorption of typical contaminations of wastewaters are grounded. The review of literary data in relation to application of the klynoptylolite of Sokirnitsa deposit in engineering of environment is carried out. Experimental data of adsorption capacity of natural klynoptylolite are resulted. A mechanism and features of processes of adsorption in static terms is described. Conformities to the law of change of adsorption capacity in accordance to the parameters of molecules of adsorbate were observed.

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