Про діяльність Міжнародної федерації залізобетону


Кривошеєв П. І., Сенаторов В. М., Petra Sсhumaсher* / Krivosheev P. I., Senatorov V. M., Petra Sсhumaсher

ДП “Державний науково-дослідний інститут будівельних конструкцій”, Київ, Україна,
*Міжнародна федерація залізобетону, Лозанна, Швейцарія

The authors introduces readers with activity of the International federation on concrete (fib) and Ukrainian fib Group. The annual fib report for 2013 is a basis for this paper and it is supplemented with author’s comments. fib work is implementing by its leading structure – General assembly. GA is considering systematically the budget issues, structure of the technical Committees, type Codes, editorial activity (bulletinsі, journals) etc. Presidium is the executive structure of federation; it is organizing all current measures (congresses, symposiums etc.). The fib congresses (one time per 4 years) and annual symposiums are the most important fib measures. From some hundred up to thousand of the specialists from different continents are participating in these measures. The main results of symposium took place in Tel-Aviv (Israel) and congress took place in Mumbai (India) are presented in paper. The actual concrete problems and its decisions results are shown here. Activity of the Ukrainian fib group is concentrated on organization of the National conferences, participation in the International conferences, symposiums and congresses under fib aegis. Participation of the Ukrainian specialists in these measures permits to present the national achievements in field of construction engineering and to determine for us the actual world innovations and scientific achievements. The systematic informing of the Ukraine specialists about these materials is implementing on pages of specialized scientific journals “Building structures”, “Science&Construction” and “Geotechnics World”. The new fib Bulletins gotten by NIISK’s library are analyzing there. The best world experience concerning to construction with application of the European Norms (EN), the recommendations and examples of execution are presented in these Bulletins.

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