: 231-234
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Department of Strength of Materials and Structural Mechanics
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Department of Strength of Materials and Structural Mechanics

During the operation of the building there are situations when it is necessary to change the planning decision, which leads to interference in the bearing elements of the structure. Strengthening of any element of design – a complex engineering task that involves determining the degree of damage and the method of its strengthening. In most cases, the practice is used – the damaged element is considered to be unable to accept the load, and as a consequence, when designing the reinforcement, the new reinforcement elements are calculated without taking into account the bearing capacity of the damaged element. This approach justifies itself in the case when the new dimensions of the damaged element after the reinforcement are not limited. Very often we have to take into account the dimensions of the item after strengthening in order not to violate the requirements of the operation, not to disturb the existing production lines in production, the possibility of the strengthening in terms of manufacturability and also, of course, the financial component. With the above said, we can conclude – the more accurately we can determine the actual condition of the damaged (emergency) element, the more efficiently we can eliminate an emergency situation with minimal changes characteristics of buildings, structures, and so on.

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