: 33-37
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Department of building construction and bridges
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Department of building construction and bridges

The article deals with the following methods of protection of personnel from thermal radiation during fire, such as the use of heat-shielding suits, heat-reflective screens and water curtains. The tactical and technical characteristics of trunks and nozzles used to protect heat rescue firefighters from the thermal radiation are given. It is shown that the most effective method for protection against heat flux is the creation of a drip-water protective curtain. The devices used for the formation of water curtains of the unit of the fire and rescue service in Ukraine and abroad are considered for the protection of firefighters from the dangerous effect of the heat flux of developed fires in the open space. This paper is the results of investigations of the influence of fan-type water jets on the thermal protection of the firefighter-rescuer. The reasons of the transformation of water jets in the air are considered. Negligible small perturbations on the surface of the jet, when exiting the trunk attachment, create transverse vibrations that, under the action of the forces of surface tension and viscous forces, increase. The dependence for a compact vertical jet is determined, taking into account the perturbation of the surface of the jet and the destruction of compactness by the action of the surface tension.

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