: 53-58
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Department of Roads and Bridges

In the construction of multi-storey buildings for different purposes, for many previous decades mostly typical prefabricated frame with a regular grid of columns and a constant height a floors were used. Such typical prefabricated and custom frames have several disadvantages, complexity of installation and connection of nodes frames, diverse nature technology of prefabricated elements, high complexity and cost of construction. To avoid these drawbacks a new system of frames with irregular grid of columns and variable height floors. In this system was designed and developed of frameworks was adopted a new, distinct from
other known and typical, causes, scheme of division frames for prefabricated elements, namely the division into identical elements efficiently large beams and columns. These are the same type efficiently large frame elements are interconnected in nodes and joined into multi-span system not in the knots, but in the points of zero moments in the span of beams or columns. The same type of prefabricated elements of beams and columns for new frames creates conditions for manufacturing all types and sizes on the same production line at the factory or at the construction site. A new constructive system of frames with unregular grid and variable height of floors for multi-storey buildings are developed and proposed. It allows us to avoid the drawbacks of typical and well-known untypical systems of frames and to achieve high technical effects after introduction.

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