Innovative business services in creating competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland

Received: October 20, 2016
Accepted: October 20, 2016
R. Nowacki, K. Wasilik

Instytut Badań Rynku, Konsumpcji i Koniunktur Institute for Market, Consumption and Business Cycles Research, Poland

An important symptom of the changes taking place in the contemporary sector of services is the growth in importance of business services. Their development is connected with an ever complex course of economic processes and the increasing competition. Under the conditions of the quickly changing market, intense technical progress, ongoing labour division and being its effect of specialisation, the majority of economic entities, particularly in the SME sector, is not self-sufficient and must use specialist services. Reaching in this respect for innovative solutions may have caused increasing effectiveness of processes within the organisation and raising competitiveness. The subject matter of considerations in this article is just an analysis of the use by SMEs in Poland of business services and assessment of their innovativeness as well as its impact on SME competitiveness

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