Prospects for reforming the UN in the context of electing the new secretary-general

: 69-74
Received: November 10, 2016
Accepted: December 16, 2016
Lviv National Polytechnic University

In the article, the prospects for reforming the UN in order to resolve major problems of the Organization are considered. Recent developments in the world politics have shown the lack of effectiveness of the UN and the urgent need for changes in order to increase the capacity of the UN to respond to new threats and challenges. For example, five permanent members of the Security Council do not reflect adequately the picture of the modern multipolar world. The controversial mechanism in the UN today is veto which is used by some states as a tool of manipulation for achieving geopolitical goals. Overall, the UN has become a cumbersome bureaucratic machine numerous bodies of which duplicate functions of each other or even are outdated. In this regard, prospects for the UN to be led by an effective manager and successful reformer might be very timely.

The future Secretary-General has shown these features during his work as the Prime Minister of Portugal and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The policy of A. Guterres during his period in office may be assessed as successful. During this period, Portugal experienced significant economic growth, the budget deficit was reduced and social spending increased. A. Guterres has shown the ability for effective rationalization activity during his tenure as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Regarding the conflict in Ukraine, A. Guterres as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees warned of consequences of the further growing crisis in the East of Ukraine. As stated by the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN, the new UN Secretary-General will provide Ukraine with more active support than Ban Ki-moon.

Taking into account available information on previous activities of A. Guterres, we can expect that at the position of the Secretary-General he will budge the process of reforming the UN, strengthen its effectiveness and fulfill Ukraine’s aspirations to involve the UN leader in resolving the Russia-Ukraine conflict as the impartial arbitrator.

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