Roman Ingarden on Ontological and Formal Meaning of Propositions. (Foreword to the Ukrainian Translation of Roman Ingarden’s work “Critical Remarks on Positivist Logic”).

: 39-41
Received: December 28, 2021
Accepted: February 11, 2022
Lviv National Polytechnic University

For the first time, the work “Critical Remarks on Positivist Logic” by the famous Polish philosopher Roman Ingarden (1893–1970), whose researches in the field of ontology, phenomenology and aesthetics have significant achievements in the world philosophy, is translated into the Ukrainian. In addition, he conducted research in such areas as linguistics and logic. But these, so to speak, applied studies of language and logic were, in one way or another, connected with his ontological and realistic-phenomenological views. Roman Ingarden’s “Critical Remarks on Positivist Logic” is a work in his analytical study of the logic of propositions (calculus of propositions). In this work, Polish phenomenologist and ontologist strictly demonstrates anti-positivist approach to the role of propositions in a human cognition and life.

Ingarden, R. (1973). The Cognition of the Literary Work of Art. Chicago: Northwestern University Press.

Woleński, J. (2021). Roman Ingarden and the Lviv-Warsaw School. In Dm. Shevchuk. (Ed.). Roman Ingarden's Philosophy and Contemporaneity: Collective Monograph, 31-61. [In Ukrainian]. Ostroh: Ostroh Academy National University Publishing House.