Processes and Elements of Big Data Analisys of Distance Learning Systems

: pp. 23 - 29
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Department of Information Systems and Networks
Lviv Politechnik National University, Department of Information Systems and Networks
Lviv Politechnik National University

The impact of the pandemic on educational processes in Ukraine is analyzed. The problematic moments observed during distance learning, positive and negative factors of online  education are considered. Factors that can lead to conflict situations in the educational process and complicate the process of collecting and analyzing information are presented. The use of machine learning methods for big data analysis in distance learning systems is proposed. The method of analysis of the main components to reduce the dimensionality of the sample size is considered and the main steps that need to be implemented on the way to simplification are described. The possibility of analysis is ensured by the proper functioning of the distance learning system of the regulated university, interaction with all participants in the educational process, as well as the timely performance of the duties assigned to them.

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