machine learning

Simultaneous surrogate modeling and dimension reduction using unsupervised learning. Application to parametric wing shape optimization

This paper presents a machine-learning-based approach that enables simultaneous surrogate modeling and dimension reduction and applies it to aerodynamic parametric shape optimization.  Aerodynamic shape optimization is a crucial process in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, and renewable energy.  It involves iteratively improving the properties of a system by evaluating an objective function and driving its minimization or maximization using an optimization algorithm.  However, the evaluation of aerodynamic objective functions requires computationally

Machine learning for forecasting some stock market index

In this paper, we evaluate the QMLKF algorithm, designed in the previous paper [Benmoumen M. Numerical optimization of the likelihood function based on Kalman Filter in the GARCH models. Mathematical Modeling and Computing.  9 (3), 599–606 (2022)] for parameter estimation of GARCH models, by transposing it to real data and then present our machine learning for forecasting the returns of some stock indices.

Machine learning and similar image-based techniques based on Nash game theory

The use of computer vision techniques to address the task of image retrieval is known as a Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) system.  It is a system designed to locate and retrieve the appropriate digital image from a large database by utilizing a query image.  Over the last few years, machine learning algorithms have achieved impressive results in image retrieval tasks due to their ability to learn from large amounts of diverse data and improve their accuracy in image recognition and retrieval.  Our team has developed a CBIR system that is reinforced by two machine

Identification of Birds' Voices Using Convolutional Neural Networks Based on Stft and Mel Spectrogram

Threats to the climate and global changes in ecological processes remain an urgent problem throughout the world. Therefore, it is important to constantly monitor these changes, in particular, using non-standard approaches. This task can be implemented on the basis of research on bird migration information. One of the effective methods of studying bird migration is the auditory method, which needs improvement.

Intelligent System for Detecting Plagiarism in Technical Texts

The authors of the article developed a scientific reasoning, designed, and developed an intelligent system for detecting plagiarism in technical texts. The work defines the problem of plagiarism in the modern world and its relevance and analyzes the latest research and publications devoted to the latest methods of using intelligent information technologies to detect plagiarism.

Machine Learning Methods to Increase the Energy Efficiency of Buildings

Predicting a building’s energy consumption plays an important role as it can help assess its energy efficiency, identify and diagnose energy system faults, and reduce costs and improve climate impact. An analysis of current research in the field of ensuring the energy efficiency of buildings, in particular, their energy assessment, considering the types of models under consideration, was carried out.

Data Set Formation Method for Checking the Quality of Learning Language Models of the Transitive Relation in the Logical Conclusion Problem Context

A method for data set formation has been developed to verify the ability of pre-trained models to learn transitivity dependencies. The generated data set was used to test the quality of learning the transitivity dependencies in the task of natural language inference (NLI). Testing of a data set with a size of 10,000 samples (MultiNLI) used to test the RoBerta model.

Information System for Ukrainian Text Voiceover Based on Nlp and Machine Learning Methods

During the research, an information system for voicing Ukrainian-language text was developed based on NLP and machine learning methods. The created information system is implemented in the form of a desktop application, which allows the process of voicing the Ukrainian-language text. The created system included all stages of software development: the design process, the implementation process, and the testing process.

Information technology for the analysis of mobile operator sales outlets based on clustering methods

This research presents the development and implementation of information technology for monitoring and analyzing segments of a mobile operator's stores using clustering methods. The study addresses a pertinent issue in marketing and business optimization, namely the enhancement of strategies for the network of mobile communication stores.

The modern state of approaches to monitoring the technical condition of wind turbine blades us-ing information technologies

Nowadays wind energy is one of the most important and promising sources of environmentally clean renewable energy. Wind turbine blades are among the most expensive components. Depending on the size, their manufacturing costs range between 10 % and 20 % of total manufacturing costs. Moreover, the size of blades has increased in recent years, leading to greater efficiency and energy production, but presenting higher failure probability.