Internet resources promotion using vote search techniques

: pp. 3-13
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

In the article, the authors have developed a methodological basis for building a decision support system in the area of promoting online resources using voice search technology. An analysis of the peculiarities of the search engine promotion of Internet resources using Voice Search SEO technology has been conducted. As a result, it has appeared that the introduction of mobile devices and the spread of broadband data networks to date require the application of new approaches to promoting Internet resources in order to optimize a special type of search - Voice Search SEO for them. The factors that have the greatest influence on vocal promotion have been identified, which made it possible to structure them and give recommendations on the application. The main factors that directly affect the display of a resource in the search engine output are a digital footprint and an advanced snippet (zero position). Аn algorithm for promoting Internet resources using voice search technologies has been developed, which has allowed to describe the main steps that need to be taken to promote the website. Key actions: setting goals for search engine promotion, analyzing online competitors' resources, forming the semantic core of the online resource, internal optimization of the resource pages, publishing an online resource, external optimization of the resource pages. The recommendations that are to be followed during the promotion process for voice requests are formed. Among them, it is defined: the speed of loading the page (it is expedient to estimate loading speed with the help of PR-CY); page security and connection (SSL certificate installation and use of secure protocol with an additional layer of encryption / authentication HTTPS); readable content (using selected line spacing, short sentences and minimal use of capital letters); adaptation for mobile platforms (estimate resource mapping with Google Search Console); use of microdata (it is expedient to use the specialized services Google My Business / Bing Places for Business, allowing to optimize search directories and set the necessary parameters); structuring content (the code of the resource being promoted must contain metadata, whereby search bots will be able to understand what kind of content is contained on the pages); Use of voice-friendly phrases (involves inclusion of phrases in text content on pages of the site that can use users to search by voice, evaluation can be done using the statistical service Serpstat).

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