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Information Technologies for Popularization Increase of Commercial Internet Resources

The study showed that at the present stage of development of information technology, portable devices account for more than half of all Internet traffic, and its consideration is mandatory in the process of promoting commercial Internet resources. Given that the authors have analyzed the main approaches to promotion in the article and showed that an important aspect of promotion is to support Mobile First technology.

Popularization of Commercial Internet Resources With Use of Social Media

A methodological basis for building a decision support system for the promotion of commercial online resources using social media technologies was developed by the authors in the article. An analysis of the features of search engine promotion using social networking technologies and services has been carried out, which revealed that, currently, the implementation of the latter requires the use of new approaches to promotion. An analysis of SMOs and SMMs promoted models was carried out, which allowed us to identify the main factors that are used to promote commercial online resources.

Internet resources promotion using vote search techniques

In the article, the authors have developed a methodological basis for building a decision support system in the area of promoting online resources using voice search technology. An analysis of the peculiarities of the search engine promotion of Internet resources using Voice Search SEO technology has been conducted. As a result, it has appeared that the introduction of mobile devices and the spread of broadband data networks to date require the application of new approaches to promoting Internet resources in order to optimize a special type of search - Voice Search SEO for them.

Search promotion of commercial internet resources

The article analyzes the main ways of search promotion of commercial Internet resources and features of their implementation of the promotion process are provided. The analysis of the concept  "Internet resource conversion” is conducted, the algorithm of its level evaluation is developed and internal and external factors that contribute to the promotion in the commercial segment are provided. An evaluation of the features of online resources reputation and scheme is developed as well as recommendations for its use in the promotion are submitted.

Ranking factors online resources search engine Google

The paper describes the main factors influencing the design features of high rating resources according to the algorithms search engine Google. The analysis of known technologies and methods of evaluating online resources has been conducted, that made it possible to identify the factors that are the most important in the process of resource building.

Classification of websites monetization types

In this article author analyze main meaning of monetization in different sectors of economy. The analysis of existing definitions of monetization in macro and micro economy, budgeting and business have been made. Author made a literary research of scientific and practical approaches of websites monetization. He indicates different classifications of websites monetization that exists in current scientific and practical thoughts. Author gives his definition of monetization by summarizing its concept to the every action on website that can be transformed in the financial profit.