Using Autodesk software in University learning process

Lviv Polytechnic National University

An integral part of mechanical engineer workplace is a personal computer with specialized software, including CAD, which allows automating the work of engineering and technological preparation of production. One of the largest suppliers of CAD for mechanical engineering is a multinational company Autodesk. Therefore, for the students – future mechanical engineers – the ability to work with this company’s software is the key to their demand in the labor market.

The purpose of the paper is considering the features of Autodesk software implementation in the process of mechanical engineer training at the Department of Electronic Machinebuilding (Lviv Polytechnic National University), describing the procedure for installing and configuring the network version for computer classes and individual home computer version for the students and teachers.

Any educational institution in the Commonwealth of Independent States has the opportunity for free, completely legally and efficiently installation in unlimited quantities of the latest and officially localized full versions of Autodesk software in the computer classes directly from the Autodesk Academic Resource Lviv Polytechnic National University Institutional Repository 62 Center portal. Autodesk provides free network educational licenses for computer classes that include 125 workplaces. Managing network licenses occurs by the special manager, which is installed on the one computer. As the computer that distribute licenses can be chosen server, workstation or laptop. The rest of the computers required software should be installed. Taking into account the system requirements network versions of AutoCAD 2013 and Inventor 2013 with Russian localization were selected for installation on the Department of Electronic Machinebuilding computers. They are the last versions that support the MS Windows XP. Students get the basic skills for working with this software in the master course named Computer Integrated Technologies. E-learning course devoted Autodesk software is created by using Lviv Polytechnic Virtual Learning Environment.

The Department of Electronic Machinebuilding curriculum are composed in such a way that the students during their trainings have opportunity to work with different CAD systems. To study Autodesk software they start after the working in CAD Kompas (ASCON) and Power Shape (Delcam). Therefore, they can compare all these systems, assess the advantages and disadvantages of each of them and choose the one for their diploma projecting.

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