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Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University

Television was and remains one of the most powerful means of mass communication. Its influence is particularly noticeable in the period of large-scale wars, because then information becomes not just information, regardless of the form of its presentation, but a tool of counter-propaganda, an element of national security, and the dissemination of information - an opportunity to convey the truth, which is vital for society and the state, to the consumer of information about the real state of affairs. It is at this stage that the telespace of Ukraine is today, the importance of which in the war against the enemy has reached a completely new, more important and systemic level. Taking into account the standards and principles of television journalism and Ukrainian legislation, which regulates and controls television production during martial law in a different way, television continues to work to ensure uninterrupted public information.

Having regard to it, actual is a theme of research of that, how televisional journalism uses the wide spectrum of accessible to her possibilities of live to conduct an informative fight for the sake of distribution of truthful data. In particular, with the use in the modern Ukrainian televisional production of telemarathons. Research showed that telemarathons in Ukraine in the period of the large-scale war unfolded by Russia against Ukraine, had become the popular and effective type of distribution of information about the state of affairs at the front, analytic geometry of events of the past and present time, major decisions of imperious structures, analysis of the decisions accepted by the governments of solidarity in this war of the states with Ukraine and international organizations. Due to the novelty in televisional space, television marathons became accessible to not only the audience of the national TV channels but also supporters of regional medias.

The specific of televisional marathons, their production and use, in televisional space has good prospects for strengthening of the televisional broadcasting and opposition to propaganda from the side of country-aggressor, and also for the sake of operative distribution of actual and exact information, gives an opportunity to being in teleether of representatives of government and General staff bodies that presently are the original source of information, and also to the analysts and representatives of public environment, that help to defend informative safety of the state.

Also it is an index of high level of organization of televisional production, him permanent development and possibility to react on the necessities of consumers of information. In fact, the world does not stand in place swift development and popularity of social networks, messengers and onlinemedias need a deserving competition from the side of traditional media.

Due to telemarathons televisional journalism accepts this call and though even on such conditions a bit loses distribution of information in an operationability, however due to her exactness and verification does impossible mass distribution of disinformation and fakes, that there are many, for example, in Telegram and they work on an enemy.


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