Features of Reforming Technical Regulation System in Ukraine

: pp. 70 - 77
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The results of the study of the technical regulation system in Ukraine are revealed in the article. Given the growing prospects of exporting Ukrainian products to EU markets, the features of harmonization of Ukrainian standards according to European norms are characterized. The main components of the technical regulation system are considered, in particular: metrology, standardization and conformity assessment. The main tasks of the system of technical regulation, standardization, metrology of Ukraine are defined. The structure of foreign trade within the framework of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU is examined. The advantages and opportunities for Ukraine from the introduction of the so-called "industrial visa waiver" with the European Union are outlined.

It is substantiated that the reform of the technical regulation system is aimed  primarily at technical harmonization and technical regulation, which cause the elimination of trade barriers in international trade. Technical barriers to trade arise only when questions arise regarding safety requirements to prevent imports of products that are manufactured and certified in accordance with national technical regulations. Contemporary Ukraine is on the brink of change, which poses serious challenges to improving the competitiveness of Ukrainian producers in EU markets; the need to improve the business environment; improvement of public administration.

In order to achieve the objectives set out in the article, a regulatory approximation to the EU system is needed. Without significant changes in the technical regulation system of Ukraine, in particular in the field of standardization, accreditation, conformity assessment, metrology and market surveillance, it is impossible to hope for a real revival of business trade and economic relations with the European market, improving the quality and safety of Ukrainian products in the domestic market, consumer protection. The influence of e existing technical regulation system on the development of the consumer market, business, society and the state as a whole was analyzed.

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