Assessment of qualifications of doctors as a tool for quality management of medical aid in Ukraine

The article analyzes the mechanism of certification of doctors. A comparative characterization of the legislative framework, which regulates the certification of doctors, was carried out. It was found that the certification, which in its essence should be an assessment of the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the doctor, in practice is only the submission of documents confirming the obtained points of continuous professional development.

Features of the export of certified dairy products to the European Union countries in the conditions of Russian aggression in Ukraine

The article attempts to investigate the peculiarities of exporting domestically produced dairy products to the European Union countries in the conditions of full-scale invasion and aggression of the occupier of russia. It caused colossal moral and material losses and damages for Ukraine, including for all sectors of the economy and infrastructural sectors of the economy. Among other sectors of the economy, the production of dairy products in the structure of food production suffered significant damage.

Features of Reforming Technical Regulation System in Ukraine

The results of the study of the technical regulation system in Ukraine are revealed in the article. Given the growing prospects of exporting Ukrainian products to EU markets, the features of harmonization of Ukrainian standards according to European norms are characterized. The main components of the technical regulation system are considered, in particular: metrology, standardization and conformity assessment. The main tasks of the system of technical regulation, standardization, metrology of Ukraine are defined.

The issue of environmental certification as a function of state government

The article is devoted to the complex research problems of environmental certification. By the analysis of scientific literature and legal dictionary the concept and characteristics of environmental certification have been defined. The concept of environmental certification to consolidate on the legislative level has been proposed, through the enactment of law about environmental certification.

Adaptation of iucn classification schemes for environmental safety passports of species

This study aimed to improve the ways of risk assessment for environmental safety. The implementation of “Environmental safety passports of species” is of practical importance for effective risk assessment of individual species impact to the environment, humans and other living organisms. The classification schemes of International Union for Conservation of Nature for evaluating habitats, threats & stresses, use and trade, livelihoods of species were analyzed and adapted to the requirements of environmental safety.