Methodology of banking portfolio investments and its components


Borshcuk I.V.

The article discusses analysis of the main trends of the stock market, investigated management techniques banking portfolio, including methods for determining the value and profitability of securities included in the portfolio of bank stock, reasonable use of key indicators for the analysis of investment attractiveness of securities using fundamental analysis of existing 
stock portfolio management strategies and recommendations for use them in practice banks.  
Extension of the scope of banking activities in the securities market requires priority 
areas mark the approach to the methodology of portfolio investment banking. A successful solution to this problem requires the use of many methods, techniques, methods, develop new mechanisms and approaches to managing portfolio investments of commercial banks. The main goal there should be security and return on investment, their growth and liquidity, taking into account indicators of investment attractiveness of securities and main risk factors. In modern conditions the Ukrainian stock market is not stable laws, which would allow to rely on 
one type of stock market analysis.  
Therefore, in practice the most effective use of fundamental and technical analysis in conjunction, as in this case, the assessment of the situation on the stock market is more complete, leading to the reduction of uncertainties in interpreting and predicting the behavior of financial instruments. Constant changes in the stock market, changes in the market value of securities and financial 
position of companies issuing determine the need to improve the portfolio management. 
The objectives of the article are: highlight the main components of the methodology of portfolio investment banking and analysis; provide advice on the practical application of мanagement techniques banking portfolio