Tourism branding: content, units and benefits


Muzychenko-Kozlovs'ka O.B .

In the article formulates goals and the need to formulate tourism brand city or country.
The essence of concepts “brand”; the essence of the concept of “city brand” and “brand ones”.
Characterizes the essence of the term “branding” and “branding the country”. Preconditions
of branding the country. The features of the national branding of the country. Listed goal ofa
tourism branding, namely, creating an attractive image of the country; promotion of culture
and history features, national mentality etc. country or city where tourism products
manufactured or services rendered; creation and consolidation in the mind of the tourist
image of the goods or services of the country or city where they are made to maintain the
planned sales; increase in profits as a result of the dissemination of information about the
unique quality of tourism products and services, which are implemented with the help of an
attractive image of their place of manufacture or provision.
The parameters of the formation and evaluation of brand and country, including:
tourism (attractiveness of the image of the country); people (as potential managers and people
as potential friends - social capital of the country); culture and heritage (state symbols and
willingness to consume commercial culture of the country, sports); export (country of export
and how information about products affect its purchasing power value brands of the country);
control (state domestic policy); investment and immigration (the desire to live and work in this
country, how prized of education and employment of young people and the labor market in
general, the economic situation of the country.)
Considered and explained the most important components of brand development and
evaluation of the country. Criteria formation branding strategy.
A new definition of “tourism branding”, namely tourism branding involves the
formation of preferences (tourist attraction) places of tourist destination in the management of
image and promotion of tourist attractiveness of the city or the country through tourism
brand, which consists of a visual image and slogan.
Explained the essence of the term “branding coach”. Formulated benefits of tourism
branding, namely the possibility of earning additional income; opportunity to protect products
while working with partners; facilitate the choice of the tourist product to the consumer;
ability to identify tourism company and its services among tourism products of competitors;
facilitate the release of products with new products in adjacent markets; investing in the
Defined tools that can be used in tourism, including: slogans, themes and positioning;
visual symbols; events and activities.
We give the definition of strategic image management. The list of factors that affect the
image formation. A list of visual image strategies. The place in shaping the brand image of the
tourist area: development for the area attractive positioning and image; supply of products
and services in an efficient and accessible manner; promotion of attractive and useful qualities
territory in order to fully inform users about its benefits.
The measures of territorial marketing, which should be used in tourism branding.