Peculiarities of the creation and implementation of a company brand development strategy under conditions of European integration

The article is devoted to the study of issues related to the peculiarities of the development and implementation of the strategy of the development of the brand of enterprises in the conditions of European integration. The article analyzes the constituent elements of brand management and defines the place and role of brand development strategy.

Аналіз об’єктів, що можуть бути торговими марками: види, класи, захист

The article presents an overview of existing types of trademarks. In the article the classification of objects that can be registered as trademarks is presented. Author displays the approximate formula for calculating the cost of a trademark. The comparative analysis of trademarks in Ukraine and abroad is made.

Tourism branding: content, units and benefits

In the article formulates goals and the need to formulate tourism brand city or country.
The essence of concepts “brand”; the essence of the concept of “city brand” and “brand ones”.
Characterizes the essence of the term “branding” and “branding the country”. Preconditions
of branding the country. The features of the national branding of the country. Listed goal ofa
tourism branding, namely, creating an attractive image of the country; promotion of culture
and history features, national mentality etc. country or city where tourism products