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Threats and Prospects for the Development of Operators in the Market of Light Petroleum Products of Ukraine

The study of the market of light petroleum products of Ukraine made it possible to establish that the market is highly competitive and is growing at an average pace. The main operators on it are FPG “Privat” (gas station networks “Avias”, “ANP”, “Sentosa Oil”, etc.), PJSC “Ukrnafta” (gas station network “UKRNAFTA”), PEG “Continental” (gas station network “WOG”), JSC “Concern “Galnaftogaz” (gas station network “OKKO”). These companies, as well as international gas stations networks, occupy the best competitive positions in the market.

Specificity of the Formation of a Strategy for the Development of National Road Carriers

The development of road transport enterprises is in the interests of many shareholders, so the studying of theoretical, methodological and applied aspects of strategy formation is extremely important. The aim of the article is to study the general macroeconomic trends on the Freight market and systematize theoretical approaches in the context of identifying specific industry strategies. The methodological basis is a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the strategic opportunities of motor transport enterprises.

Diagnostic product market in the context of globalization of domestic business

The aim of this study is to develop a methodology for studying the globalization of business as a whole, and its individual aspects related to information and communication problems of the domestic business amid increasing crisis in the economy. Formation of system of anti-crisis measures, as a catalyst for the commodity market development in the context of globalization of the domestic business.

The peculiarities of the strategic planning of the regional power industry sustainable development

The article presents the classification of the regional power industry development strategies according to the characteristics and space dimensions, as well as the stages and objectives of its sustainable development planning. It defines the objectives of sustainable regional economic development, requirements to the local institutional system and possible mistakes in choosing strategy for the regional power industry development.