Future Changes in Logistics & Supply Chains: a Competence Dimension

The article notes that the integration of the Ukrainian economy into the EU is partially hampered by purely logistical factors. The positions of Ukraine in the world ranking of the Logistics Performance Index are analyzed. Attention is focused on the component of «logistics competence», which is significantly behind the average European level. The authors suggested that the existing backlog could offset the new generation of potential managers who were the target audience of this study.

Surveying of landslide-dangerous areas by mobile geoelectric methods

The results of practical application of geoelectric methods of forming short-pulsed electromagnetic field (FSPEF) and vertical electric-resonance sounding (VERS), as well as georadar soundings on destroyed by landslide area of road are given. It is shown, that the presence of the zone with raised filtering of ground waters is the main reason of roadway erosion and landslide formation. The finding and mapping of water flow and area of the raised soil moistening can be realized operatively by complex of mobile geophysical methods.

Precondition for wider use of prefabricated construction methods

Prefabrication is one of the key elements of industrialization in construction. Prefabricated construction methods are presenting a range of techniques to improve the building construction, quality and how to reduce the negative impact of building production on the environment. Paper deals about the theoretical apparatus defining a classification of prefabrication in construction. It deals about the criteria that influence the decision on the deployment of prefabricated elements to the project.

The methods for conducting a survey of a group of buildings of old housing system for determining the integrated technical condition of their actual spatial deformation

The paper presents a method of an advanced integrated assessment of technical condition of brick buildings as a whole as of their deformation of the skeleton of the fixed-engineering-geological conditions of the old building. The research is carried out on the example of a group of buildings of old housing system, located in Lviv at Dzerelna Street.

Аналіз послідовності будівництва в межах ділянки старої щільної забудови у м. Львові

Operation of the old buildings of the Lviv city is close to a century conditional term. The owners of these buildings, regardless of their form of ownership, should follow structural safety of buildings associated with the reliability of operation. They must have the appropriate specialists or hire them to determine the technical building condition of the old building. These buildings have long been subject to examination to continue the period of efficient service of housing.