medical institution

Improving the Efficiency of Management Mechanisms of Health Care Institutions

The article summarizes the theoretical foundations of public and domestic management mechanisms in the field of health care. The essence, structure and functional orientation of mechanisms in the theory of management and the specifics of their formation for health care institutions are revealed. The analysis of the level of validity of the existing theoretical and methodological bases of construction of mechanisms in the system of national and internal economic management in the medical field, their practical efficiency and effectiveness in modern Ukrainian conditions is carried out.

The simulation modeling of external and inner logistic of medical institution

The logistics aspects of medical institution have been considered. Approach’s classification of simulation model’s creation of inner and external logistics has been formed. The medical institution’s simulation model of inner and external logistics structuring has been realized. The parameters’ of simulation model’s forming have been determined. The two fundamentally different approaches to simulation model’s forming according to specific character of posed tasks have been suggested. The scheme of receiving, transformation and data’s output for simulation model’s creation was developed.