Linear Hexane Isomerization Over Bimetallic Zeolite Catalysts

The aim of this study was to evaluate the activity and selectivity in isomerization of n-hexane of bimetallic zeolite catalysts containing a nickel transition metal in addition to palladium. Bimetallic bifunctional linear alkane isomerization catalysts based on the hydrogen form of MFI zeolite have been synthesized. The porous properties of the samples were investigated by means of low-temperature nitrogen adsorption/desorption, the size of the metal component – by TEM, and the catalytic properties – in the micro-pulse isomerization of n-hexane.

Sustainable Adsorption Removal of Nickel and Chromium on Eco-Friendly Industrial Waste: Equilibrium Study

Adsorption of nickel and chromium was investigated using fuller’s earth. The experimental data were analyzed using five 2-parameter adsorption models and three 3-parameter models. The maximum adsorption capacities for nickel and chromium were 769 and 556 mg/g, respectively. The Langmuir isotherm model was found to have the best fitting indicating monolayer adsorption. The adsorption was found to have an exothermic nature.

Chemical Leaching of Al3Ni and Al3Ti Alloys at Room Temperature

Al3Ni and Al3Ti alloys were prepared by arc melting and exposed to chemical leaching in 5M NaOH at room temperature. In case of Al3Ni alloy, Al reached phases react with the leaching solution to produce nanoporous nickel with a pore diameter in the range of ~10–20 nm. Only pure Al phase of Al3Ti alloy chemically reacts with the production of a dense wrinkled surface with a wrinkle size of ~50–100 nm.

Investigation of the properties of nickel-filled copolymers of polyvinylpyrrolidone and hydrogel materials based on them

The properties of nickel-filled copolymers of polyvinylpyrrolidone with 2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate and hydrogel materials based on them, obtained by the method of polymerization with simultaneous reduction of metal ions have been investigated. The influence of polymer-monomer composition formulation, content of metal-filler and conditions of Ni2+ reduction reaction on physico-mechanical, sorption, electrical and magnetic characteristics of obtained materials has been established.

n-Hexane Isomerization Over Nickel-Containing Mordenite Zeolite

Nickel-containing mordenite samples were synthesized by impregnation from aqua's solution of nickel nitrate. Porous and catalytic characteristics of the catalysts were studied by means of low temperature nitrogen adsorption/desorption and micropulse n-hexane isomerisation. The maximum isomer yields are 10-12 wt % for 1-5 wt % Ni content at 523–573 K.


The course of the grafted polymerization of 2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate on polyvinylpyrrolidone with the formation of a reticulated copolymer with simultaneously chemical reduction of nickel ions is confirmed. The influence of the reduction process on the structural parameters of the polymeric matrix – the grafting efficiency and the content of polyvinylpyrrolidone in the copolymer, the molecular weight between crosslinks is established. The influence of the presence of polymer-monomer composition components on the particles formation of nickel filler is investigated.

Структурні характеристики хімічно відновленого нікелю як наповнювача полімерних гідрогелів

Методами сканувальної електронної мікроскопії, седиментаційного та рентгено-
структурного аналізу досліджено структурні характеристики порошків нікелю,
отриманих хімічним осадженням з водних розчинів. Доведено можливість одержання
порошку металу одночасно з формуванням полімерної матриці на основі кополімерів
полівінілпіролідону з 2-гідроксіетилметакрилатом. Експериментально встановлено
можливість регулювання в широких межах гранулометричного складу та структури
нікелевого наповнювача і, відповідно, властивостей композиційних полімерних мате-

Obtaining of Brown Pigments from Concentrated Waste Water Containing Nickel

The possibility of obtaining brown pigments with the use of blast furnace slag from waste water containing nickel is justified. The scheme of the main reactions is proposed. The kinetics of the reactions is studied. The contribution of the chemical interaction into the overall degree of treatment is established by potentiometric titration. The influence of the main factors on the degree of nickel extraction is determined. The phase composition of the formed pigment is established with the help of X-ray analysis. Rheological properties of the pigment particles are set.