kinematic parameters

The Comparative Characteristics of Kinematic Parameters of the Flat Die-Cutting Press

Aim. Carrying out a comparative characterization of the kinematic parameters of the developed flat die-cutting press, the drive mechanism of the movable pressure plate of which includes a cam, rollers, spring and levers, with two laws of periodic movement of the executive link (roller). Method. A flat die-cutting press was chosen as the research material, for which a new design of the drive mechanism of the movable pressure plate was developed, for which a Ukrainian patent for the invention was obtained.

Generalized design diagram and mathematical model of suspension system of vibration-driven robot

Problem statement. Mobile robotic systems are widely used in various fields of industry and social life: from small household appliances to large-size road-building machinery. Specific attention of scientists and designers is paid to the vibration-driven locomotion systems able to move in the environments where the use of classical wheeled and caterpillar robots is impossible or inefficient. Purpose.

Kinematic Analysis of Centrifugal and Aerodynamic Mechanisms of Blades Turning and Folding of Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbines

Various types of blades turning and folding mechanisms, which may be used for power regulation and rotation frequency stabilization of horizontal-axis wind turbines, are considered. Kinematic diagrams of corresponding mechanisms are constructed. Analytical expressions for calculating of regulation slider and centrifugal weights displacement as a function of blades turning angle are deduced. The recommendations for determining of their kinematic parameters (analogues of velocities and accelerations) are presented.