Strategy for combating illegal armed formations: content, components, evolution

The issue of determining the need to develop a strategy for combating illegal armed formations is considered, the content and components of the strategy are defined and how the development of individual components changes approaches to the strategy itself is shown. The emphasis is placed on the complexity of formulating a strategy in the field of national security as a result of uncertainty of the concept of strategic legal acts, their hierarchy and content in the Ukrainian legislation.

Peculiarities of Cross-Cultural Conflicts Solving in the Process of Foreign Economic Activity Implementation

Any violations or problems in the establishment of cross-cultural communication in the organization can become the causes of potential conflicts. Therefore, for their prevention or faster solving, it is important to understand the possible causes of their occurrence.

Problems of Selection and Implementation of Competitiveness Strategies in the Context of Ensuring the Development AT UA.Consultyng LLC in European Markets

The article examines and studies the essence of competitiveness and the choice of an effective competitive strategy in various literary sources, scientific studies, and current regulations. According to the literature, all authors emphasize that for an enterprise to operate effectively in a competitive industry, it is necessary to have its own competitiveness strategy, which is formed as an action plan for obtaining a sustainable competitive position.

Strategic Opportunities of the Enterprise and Their Assessment

Assessment of strategic opportunities is an important stage of strategic planning for the development of an enterprise and an important component of its strategic management system. The study of the strategic level of the enterprise, its strategic potential will make it possible to analyze the features and determine the prospects of its development for the future.

On international environmental security: modern dimensions and principles of implementation

The article describes the current problems of international environmental security in the context of the systematic manifestation of the principles of its implementation, which justifies the need to consolidate the efforts of interstate environmental measures on the basis of sustainable and balanced development. The article examines prerequisites for the formation of the global environmental safety as an integral part of international relations and politics against the background of the long-term ecological crisis.


The development of the information society has an impact not only on the quality of life of people, but also on the formation of new communication links. The rapid penetration of information technology into different areas of our lives has contributed to the global spread of the Internet, in which social networks are actively used for communication. For advertisers, social networks provide unique opportunities for rapid dissemination of information and direct contact with consumers.

Strategy for the development of environmental investments in Ukraine

The article clarifies the essence of the concept of “strategy”, namely: strategy is a sequence of actions and decisions taken by the organizer of the process, which lead to the development of a specific strategy (for example, development) designed to help achieve its goals and mission.

Ways to increase the efficiency of sales activities of the enterprises of the food industry of Ukraine in the conditions of international economic activity

The food industry in Ukraine is a significant contributor to the country’s economy, with a range of products that cater to both domestic and international markets. However, the increasing competition in the global market and the changing consumer preferences have made it challenging for enterprises in the 

food industry to maintain and increase their sales efficiency. This article aims to address this challenge by exploring the ways in which enterprises in the food industry of Ukraine can enhance their sales activities in the context of international economic activity.

The paradigm of nonlinearity and the aggression of the russian federation against Ukraine

The understanding of the paradigm of nonlinearity in modern conditions as compared to the linear vision of the world is analyzed, the main components of the advantages of the nonlinear approach in armed conflicts are shown, the connection of the nonlinear approach to the conduct of hostilities with the victories of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the aggressor’s troops in the conditions of a full-scale war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine is substantiated.