The paradigm of nonlinearity and the aggression of the russian federation against Ukraine

The understanding of the paradigm of nonlinearity in modern conditions as compared to the linear vision of the world is analyzed, the main components of the advantages of the nonlinear approach in armed conflicts are shown, the connection of the nonlinear approach to the conduct of hostilities with the victories of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the aggressor’s troops in the conditions of a full-scale war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine is substantiated.

The need for a strategic approach to corporate social responsibility and methodological aspects of its implementation

The article substantiates the need for a strategic approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the modern business world. The formation of a CSR strategy is considered as part of proactive management and strategic management, as well as a tool for promoting sustainable development. A comparative description of charity and CSR is given. The author's definitions of the terms “strategy” and “CSR strategy” are formulated. The existing approaches to determining the stages of CSR strategy formation were analyzed, and an own algorithm was proposed.

Peculiarities of the creation and implementation of a company brand development strategy under conditions of European integration

The article is devoted to the study of issues related to the peculiarities of the development and implementation of the strategy of the development of the brand of enterprises in the conditions of European integration. The article analyzes the constituent elements of brand management and defines the place and role of brand development strategy.


The article examines the problems of designing multifunctional boarding schools in the context of the de-institutionalization strategy, which involves a significant reduction in their number and a significant reorganization of space. The need for a significant revision of approaches to the design of alternative care facilities for children and their possible options is considered.

Using the project approach in strategic planning of territorial development

Problem setting. Strategic planning for the development of territories has become particularly relevant in the context of implementing the reform of local self-government and territorial arrangement of power based on decentralization, and requires updating approaches to it, its methods and tools.

Problems of education policy implementation at the regional level

Problem setting. Nowadays, the main task of reforming education at the regional level is the searching for effective mechanisms of implementation, combining the interests of the community (population of a certain territory) in accordance with the priorities of the development of the region. The need to identify and understand the obstacles to reform, their factors and possible consequences, and determines the relevance of the article.

Peculiarities of Choosing a Strategy for Development of Domestic Enterprises on the Basis of Analysis of Strategic Alternatives

The semantic load of the concept of “strategy” is analyzed, it is determined that the meaning of this term has changed over the last hundred years depending on the object and subject of research; The main three key concepts of strategy definition are considered, namely classical, conceptual and complex, which were singled out by Western scholars and which were partially supported by Ukrainian, as well as philosophical and organizational-managerial concept, which are singled out by purely domestic scientists.

Forecasting economic result of business logic improvements using Game Theory for modeling user scenarios

A new approach to user behavior modeling based on Game Theory was proposed.  It was developed to consider initial intensity, a strategy applied, a profit gained, and resources utilized as inalienable attributes of users' behavior.  The approach covers various aspects of users' motivation and rational actions, not only a statistical image of a pool's summary.  Additionally, the given model is strongly connected to profit and loss parameters by operating with profit and utilized resources as parts of model inputs.  The proposed model can enable efficient modeling aimed to validate an economic


Social networks have become an alternative and promising platform for advertising and establishing lively, active and mutually beneficial communication with customers online in the fastpaced world of digitalization. The purpose of the article is to reveal the features of social networks as a platform for marketing applications, to identify main trends and prospects of social media marketing development. The results of the study of the essence of social networks were revealed.