The strategic direction of the interaction between agricultural enterprises and enterprises with other types of the economic activities

The leading role of the agricultural production in the priority economic activities is shown in the article; there are summarized trends of organizational approximation of production of agricultural products to industrial production, industrial Donbass taken as an example; the prospects of creation conglomerates are discussed to ensure food self-sufficiency of the region. Appropriate recommendations are provided.

Strategic directions for sustainable development of Ukraine

The article investigates the European Union’s ten-year growth strategy named Europe 2020. Attention is focused on the key indicators of climate change and power engineering. The current state and dynamics of greenhouse gases emissions indicators in Ukraine are compared with those in EU countries. The specific recommendations for the implementation of environmental policies at the regional level are proposed.

Production of Renewable Energy Resources via Complex Treatment of Cyanobacteria Biomass

The process of cyanobacteria complex treatment via obtaining of inedible fat, suitable for the production of biodiesel and biogas has been investigated. The prospective application of hydrodynamic cavitation to increase the efficiency of inedible fat extraction and biogas synthesis is shown. A comprehensive strategy for the cyanobacteria use in the energy and agricultural technologies is suggested.