Game-theoretic approach to optimization of innovative activities of managing subjects

Methodological approaches to optimize innovation, production of improved products by business entities are developed. Methodological approaches to optimize innovation, production of improved products by business entities are developed. Practical issues of production due to the proposed optimal strategy are presented. The optimal variant for the production of improved products is calculated. This allows them to obtain greater profitability through implementation of products.

Strategic Segmentation of Customers in the Market of Primary Real Estate

The authors emphasize the special significance of customer service on the primary market of residential real estate. There is carried out segmentation of the primary real estate market with the account of such a criterion as a residential housing class. There are singled out the following segments of this market: premium-segment, business-segment, comfort- segment, and economy-segment. The features of each market segment are described.

By creating a professional – competent police officers in the context of civil society

In the scientific study of the main ways of formation of professional and competent police
officers in the context of civil society. Problems of professional training of employees and
departments of the MIA of Ukraine, special attention is paid to the development of new forms
and methods of qualitative success of the police officers

Directions and possibilities of small enterprises’ profitability growth in the field of domestic store sales of building materials

The article investigates the ways of profitability growth of small enterprises, specialized in store sales of building materials. Among possible options, there are highlighted those, that can provide higher income and development for analyzed type of enterprises and also maintain their competitiveness in the market. In this article are formed list of measures, that will improve profitability of members of the building materials market, especially of small enterprises of store sales.

The problems of improving the planning and accounting of innovative development of enterprise

The problems of planning and accounting the innovation activity of company during its 
development are considered. The prospects for the development of any company today are 
increasingly dependent on its business reputation and the possibility of introducing innovations. 
Innovative activity is not represented directly in financial accounting. The existing accounting 
system doesn’t encourage activities on strategic development and ensure the growth of its value. 

Calculation by activity (activity-based costing) to drilling enterprise as a knowledge base formaking strategic management decisions

The methods of calculation of costs in the accounting system for the purpose of decision-
making in the strategic development of the company. Revealed differences in the various
methods of systematization of costs and calculation of production costs. The features of
approaches to different methods of calculation costs. Analyzed matching system for collecting
and processing information existing ata point in the methods of management, the
appropriateness of their use in the system of management accounting.

The strategies of stock management on farms in the Lublin province

The paper presents opinions of farmers on strategies for the management of stocks in
farms of Lublin province. The purpose of research was to define the strategies as well as the
farmers’ plans concerning stock management on farms in Lublin province. The choice of
farms has been intentional. The research constitutes of the entities from the Lublin province
taking part in the Polish system of FADN (Farm Accountancy Data Network) which run
agricultural accountancy supervised by the Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics in
Warsaw (IERiG -PIB).

Analysis integration strategy and tactics business development

Reveals the importance of feasibility study in the process of objective criteria for stable
operation of the business in the context of integration of tactics and strategy of its
development, formulation parameters of efficiency. The urgency and the direction of analysis
and integration of strategies and tactics of business method and its implementation.
There area number of factors that cause imbalances in the strategy and tactics of
market reform at the national macro level that is not conducive to achieving the desired

Ukrainian integration strategy: stages and risks

The algorithm of the ground of maintenance and sequence of steps which are necessary for the effective management of procedures for Ukrainian integration into a world economy, in particular, for the entry into European Union (EU), is investigated. The  presence of corresponding factors is examined as  pre-condition of expediency of European direction of integration of Ukraine and active activity of legislative and executive bodies of  management of Ukraine in this direction  etc..

Strategic dimension of corporate social responsibility

А concept of social responsibility of an enterprise in the context of planning and implementing its development strategy is investigated in the article. Nowadays company competitiveness in related not only to the price of its products, production conditions, business conditions but also to its corporate social responsibility (CSR). The idea of CSR involves building the shared value and creating utility for both the company itself and the society or the environment.