The principle of creating a "smart" electricity meter in electric traction networks with stochastic electromagnetic processes

Voltage and current are sharply variable random (stochastic) processes in traction networks of DC electric transport systems. As a result, electronic and hybrid electricity meters used in electric systems measure electric power with a large relative error that significantly exceeds that of their accuracy class. In this paper the principle of developing smart meters for accounting the electricity transmitted from traction substations to electric rolling stock through a traction network is proposed.

Parallel Operation of Transformers Within the Power Supply System of a Mine

Connecting transformers in parallel requires a few of important requirements. During operation of the industrial supply power systems, there are sometimes situations when it becomes desirable to operate of parallel transformers, the characteristics of which do not quite correspond to such a procedure. When transformers are connected in parallel, any difference between their parameters causes the load to be redistributed between them compared to the previous operating mode they had been operating in isolation.

The analysis of autonomous electric power supply system, based on asyncronised generator with three-phase modulator with one star scheme during complex loading

Investigation of electromagnetic and electromechanical processes, which take place in the autonomous power supply system based on asynchronised generator with three phase modulated exciter, was conducted by means of mathematic experiment. The processes in terms of work suitableness of power supply system during its work at the junction of asynchronous motors and active-inductive load were analysed. Regularities of electromagnetic and electromechanical processes, depending on the schedule of consumers’ work and system of commutator management parameters were determined.