migration policy

Labor Migration from Ukraine to Poland: Regulatory Framework, Key Issues and Challenges (Research Article)

The article deals with the conceptions of the international migration, focusing on the most relevant strategies in terms of migrant workers adaptation. The authors analyse the following conceptions: the “Pull/Push” theory, Adaptation (acculturation) Strategy, Relative Inequality Theory of Migration, the Human Capital Theory. Legal framework of Ukraine and Poland in the sphere of labor migration regulation, including set of legal acts, adopted by both countries in order to minimize possible negative outcomes caused by evolving migration flows have been analyzed.

Causes and consequences of educational migration

The article analyzes the manifestations of educational migration. The legal regulation of
academic mobility in Ukraine as an institutional form of educational migration is researched.
The consequences of educational migration for the economy of the country, that receives
international students and for the “donor-country” are determined. The causes of educational
migration are summarized.

Impulsive causes of migration in modern conditions

The article explores migration processes, arising in modern transitive society and differently influencing the development of both donor states and recipient states. Present-day impulsive causes of migration are considered in the article. Peculiarities of contemporary migration processes, taking place in Ukraine, in the context of European integration are studied.

Problems and Challenges of the US Social Policy in the Context of Migration Crisis

Problems and challenges of EU social policy in the context of migration crisis are considered in the article. An attitude of individual member states to the migration crisis in Europe is researched. It has been determined that nowadays EU social policy remains a vulnerable area that requires a comprehensive unified approach and appropriate support to all its member states.

Mihratsiolohiya science of quantitative and qualitative indicators migration

Article from system positions submitted methodological approach to the study of the foundations of modern migration law of Ukraine to mihratsiolohiyi establishment as an independent science. The current issues of administrative and legal regulation of migration processes with the use of general and subject-specific methods and laws of Ukraine on migration.

The problem of migration in the context of the accession of ukraine to the European Union

The article deals with the researches on the basis of a comparison of the migration state
in Ukraine and the countries of Europe, the main components of the labor migration in these
countries are determined and their origin is traced. In Ukraine they are in close connection
with the problems of polarization and achievement of national identity, in the European
countries they direct to adjustment of strategy in the multicultural environment and
reinterpretation of the concept of “freedom”.