nitrogen mineral fertilizers

Дослідження процесу адсорбції ( )2 3ca no ґрунтовим середовищем

The problem of penetration of nitrogen fertilizers in the soil is analyzed. The influence of adsorption process on the rate of transfer of fertilizers in the vertical profile of the soil is determined. Experimental researches of adsorption properties of soil environment on the base of absorption of calcium nitrate by soil are done. Проаналізовано проблему проникнення азотних добрив вглиб ґрунту. Визначено вплив процесу адсорбції на швидкість перенесення добрив по вертикальному профілю ґрунту.

Hydrodynamics of Gas Flow in Small-Sized Vortex Granulators in the Production of Nitrogen Fertilizers

This paper presents the prospective line of studying such chemical process as granulation and the advantages of small universal vortex granulators usage in chemical processes, for example, for the production of nitrogen mineral fertilizers, complex mineral fertilizers and porous ammonium nitrate (PAN). The mathematical calculations for determining the hydrodynamic characteristics of gas flow movement, which ultimately affect the crystallization process in the workspace of the vortex granulator, are described.