Impact of traffic volume and composition on the change in the speed of traffic flow

The problem of the change in the speed of traffic flow at different traffic volumes and compositions is researched in this study. The section of the road network with different geometric parameters (descent, ascent and horizontal section) was chosen for the study. The method of investigation of traffic flow`s speed and factors which have an impact on the reduction of road network capacity are analyzed.

Development of Customs Infrastructure on the Ukrainian-Polish Border in the Conditions of Business Internationalization

The relations between Ukraine and Poland represent a long history of partnership and have a great economic importance for both countries. At the present stage, Poland is one of the largest international trade partners of our country. In the history of Ukraine’s foreign trade during 2019— 2020, Poland occupied second place in the structure of domestic exports. Thus, in 2020 the share of exports of Ukrainian goods to Poland was 6.65 %.

Capacity increasing of arterial streets with controlled motion

The problem of capacity increasing of arterial streets with controlled motion is investigated in this paper. For investigation, sections between intersections on the road network of Lviv city were chosen at their different length and roadway width with most saturated traffic. Methods of capacity increasing of arterial streets with controlled motion and factors that have impact on the capacity reduction are analyzed. Capacity of intersections at different volume-capacity ratios is determined. The distribution of average speed for sections between intersections of different length is built.

Impact of street parking on delays and the average speed of traffic flow

The article is devoted to the problem of the impact of street parking on delays and the average speed of traffic flow. The sections with different ways of putting vehicles near the roadway in the central part of Lviv city with the most saturated flow were exposed to scientific scrutiny. For this purpose, the program software PTV Vissim is used. The causes of the impact of street parking on traffic flow speed and roadway capacity are analyzed.

Експериментальні дослідження бездіафрагмової прольотної будови моста під час реконструкції

Тechnique and results of static tests of reinforced concrete without-diaphragm span structure before and after reconstruction are described.

Modernization of industrial enterprises as an important precondition for raising their technical level and efficiency

In this article author attempted to consider some theoretical aspects of organizing processes, modernization of industrial enterprises in modern conditions of accelerated scientific – technological process and tough competition on the foreign and domestic markets. This requires systematic coverage of factors’ set that affect the formation of a new qualitative productive capacity of industry and its effective use at the present stage of management.

Evaluation of the Reducing Ability of Anion Exchange Resin AV-17-8 in the Sulphite Form

The removal of dissolved oxygen (DO) from water was studied using anion exchange resin AV-17-8 in a sulphite form. The effects of various operating conditions, such as water flow rates, height of the resin bed and mineralization of water on the removal of DO have been studied extensively. It was shown that its reducing ability depends on the water ionic composition that affects the desorption rate of the sulphite anions. The possibility of efficient water deoxygenation at ambient temperature was demonstrated.