Search promotion of commercial internet resources

The article analyzes the main ways of search promotion of commercial Internet resources and features of their implementation of the promotion process are provided. The analysis of the concept  "Internet resource conversion” is conducted, the algorithm of its level evaluation is developed and internal and external factors that contribute to the promotion in the commercial segment are provided. An evaluation of the features of online resources reputation and scheme is developed as well as recommendations for its use in the promotion are submitted.

Kinetics of Langbeinite Conversion into Schenite in the Presence of Mirabilite, Sylvine and Water

The conversion of langbeinite into schenite has been investigated under isothermal conditions within 273–333 K in the presence of mirabilite, sylvine and water. The reaction rate has been determined at various temperatures and “apparent” activation energy has been examined within 293–303 K. The reaction order by langbeinite has been determined as well.