Catalytic ability of tungsten compounds in the reaction of hydroperoxide epoxidation of 1- octene and tert-butyl hydroperoxide decomposition was investigated. It is shown that the nature of ligand has significant effect on the catalytic activity of tungsten compounds in these reactions. It is established that boride and silicide of tungsten are the best choice for epoxidation reaction, whereas tungsten carbide exhibits poor activity. Tungsten boride is also the most active in the hydroxide decomposition reaction.

Aсtivity of binary vinadium compounds in reaction of epoxidation of 1-octene and decomposition of tert-butyl hydroperoxide

The influenceof vanadium-containing compounds as catalysts on the reaction of 1-octene epoxidation by tert-butyl hydroperoxide and the decomposition of this hydroperoxide was investigated. It is shown that the catalytic activity of vanadium compounds depends on catalyst ligand nature. It is established that vanadium boride and carbide are the most active catalysts for hydroperoxide epoxidation, while V2O5 is the most active catalyst oftert-butyl hydroxide decomposition. The highest selectivity of 1,2-epoxyoctene formation is observed when VC is used as a catalyst.

Початкові стадії реакції окиснення октену-1 молекулярним киснем за наявності іммобілізованого та гомогенного [Rh(Co)2Cl]2

The influence of immobilized and homogeneous Rh-contained complex, [Rh(CO)2Cl]2, on the oxidation reaction of 1-octene by molecular oxygen on the initial stages of process was investigated. It was established that the immobilized as well as homogeneous rhodium complex activate the oxidation reaction in the presence of radical processes initiator – hydroperoxide tert-butyl. It was shown that the usage of the immobilized catalyst allows to reach higher process parameters at lower amount of the applied rhodium complex. 

Oxidation of 1-Octene by the Molecular Oxygen in the Presence of Immobilized Catalytic Compositions

The influence of immobilized catalytic compositions, obtained by immobilization of cyanide complexes of transition metals: Ni, Pd, Pt, Со, Fe, Ru, and oxysalts of vanadium on the aluminum oxide as a carrier, on the initial stages of the liquid-phase oxidation reaction of 1-octene by the molecular oxygen was studied.