Oxidation of 1-Octene by the Molecular Oxygen in the Presence of Immobilized Catalytic Compositions


Oksana Makota and Lidiya Bulgakova

The influence of immobilized catalytic compositions, obtained by immobilization of cyanide complexes of transition metals: Ni, Pd, Pt, Со, Fe, Ru, and oxysalts of vanadium on the aluminum oxide as a carrier, on the initial stages of the liquid-phase oxidation reaction of 1-octene by the molecular oxygen was studied. It was established that the highest activity in the oxidation reaction of 1-octene by the molecular oxygen showed the catalytic composition containing immobilized ruthenium cyanide complex K2[Ru(CN)6] – MnCl2•4H2O (XI) whereas the activity of catalytic composition containing immobilized nicole cyanide complex K2[Ni(CN)4] – VO(SO4)•3H2O (I) was the lowest one.

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