Machine learning and similar image-based techniques based on Nash game theory

The use of computer vision techniques to address the task of image retrieval is known as a Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) system.  It is a system designed to locate and retrieve the appropriate digital image from a large database by utilizing a query image.  Over the last few years, machine learning algorithms have achieved impressive results in image retrieval tasks due to their ability to learn from large amounts of diverse data and improve their accuracy in image recognition and retrieval.  Our team has developed a CBIR system that is reinforced by two machine

Про одне застосування алгоритму RSA для шифрування і дешифрування зображень з чітко виділеними контурами

Запропоновано модифікацію алгоритму шифрування зображень з використанням алгоритму шифрування RSA як найстійкішого до несанкціонованого дешифрування сигналів, стосовно зображень, які дають змогу строго виділяти контури.

A modification of encryption algorithm using image encryption algorithm RSA, the most resistant to unauthorized decoding of signals in relation to images that highlight the contours allow strictly.

Image retrieval using Nash equilibrium and Kalai-Smorodinsky solution

In this paper, we propose a new formulation of Nash games for solving a general multi-objectives optimization problems.  The objective of this approach is to split the optimization variables, allowing us to determine numerically the strategies between two players.  The first player minimizes his function cost using the variables of the first table P and the second player, using the second table Q.  The original contribution of this work concerns the construction of the two tables of allocations that lead to a Nash equilibrium on the Pareto front.  The second proposition of this paper is to


Scenography is a special kind of fine art and a visual aspect of a theatrical spectacle. Its task is to form the space of the stage with the help of plastic, painting and light-colour effects, which are inextricably linked with each other and theatrical action. In a theatrical performance, it is a way to immerse the spectator in something special - the atmosphere conceived by the director, created by the theatrical artist, director of light and actors.

Color as an Expressive Instrument of the Icon

This way, color as an expressive instrument plays an important role in iconography. It helps to picture  main Bible themes with different paints. Without color it would be hard to imagine the figure of Christ,

Virgin Mary, apostles, evangelists, other saints and their religious being. Along with that the meaning of color is clearly defined.

The Study of Ceramic Pigments of Spinel Type with the Use of Slag of Aluminothermal Production of Ferrotitanium

The article deals with the results of theoretical and experimental research on the production of ceramic pigments of blue color with the structure of spinel on the basis of slag of aluminothermal production of ferrotitanium. The sequence of the physical and chemical processes that determine the formation of the set of crystalline phases under drossy pigments burning was established. The influence of the concentration of cobalt oxide and the temperature of researched pigments firing on their optical-color characteristics was studied.