Assessing the Effects of Substitution and Substituent Position on the Reactivity of Salicylideneaniline Ligands to Coordinate Transition Metal(II) Ions: a DFT Study

The present scientific contribution aims to investigate computationally the effects of substitution and substituent position on the reactivity of a series of salicylideneaniline derivatives ligands containing 13 molecules.

Adsorption of Oligomeric Peroxides on Aerosil and Magnesium Oxide and Their Behavior on the Water-Air Phases Interface

Oligomeric peroxide adsorption of sebacic acid on aerosil and magnesium oxide was studied. Adsorption process parameters were found. It is shown that the adsorption takes place through the hydrogen bonds formation between OH– groups of adsorbents surface and peroxide groups. The adsorption process suggests the behavior of peroxide compounds on the water-air phase’s interface. Monomolecular film formations on water surface for oligomeric peroxides were studied.

Kinetics of High-Temperature Interaction of Titanium Alloys with a Carbon-Containing Gaseous Medium

Due to their excellent complex of physical, chemical, and mechanical properties, titanium alloys are unique materials for many branches of industry. An important feature of titanium is its high reactivity concerning the interstitial chemical elements (oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon). The absorption of interstitial elements by titanium alloys causes change in physical and mechanical properties of alloys and articles which are made of them. It should be noted that the titanium alloys are classified, in particular, by the compositions of their structures.

Effect of Total Ash Content and Coals Ash Composition on Coke Reactivity

The article deals with the hypothesis of the influence of coals mineral components on coke reactivity. It has been shown that the reaction between carbon and carbon dioxide proceeds in kinetic area and its rate depends upon total ash content of coked coal. The data showing catalyst effect of coal mineral components upon their organic mass pyrolysis and consequently upon coke reactivity have been presented.