Research and mathematical modeling of fractional-differential rheological models

Deformation processes in media with fractal structure have been studied. At present, research on the construction of mathematical methods and models of interconnected deformation-relaxation and heatmass transfer processes in environments with a fractal structure is at an early stage. There are a number of unsolved problems, in particular, the problem of correct and physically meaningful setting of initial and boundary conditions for nonlocal mathematical models of nonequilibrium processes in environments with fractal structure remains unsolved.


In this article, there are given the results of studies on the strength of steel-concrete bent elements, in which additional reinforcement was introduced at various levels of initial reinforcement and loading, as well as after unloading, and the beams were brought to destruction. The need for overhead cover reinforcement during the process of its exploitation appears not only in the course of reconstruction but also due to its physical aging that is caused by various factors.

Investigation of the accuracy of GNSS-vector measurements during the deformation monitoring of engineering structures: case study in tested network

Purpose. The aim of the investigation is optimization monitoring of spatial displacements by GNSS and selection of minimal intervals of GNSS observations with given accuracy parameters. Methodology. For simulate the monitoring process on a real object tested network GNSS vectors with different lengths were installed. The network consisted of 4 points where two-frequency GNSS receivers were installed.


A significant increase of the intensity of road and urban transport requires new approaches to its improvement, especially in areas with dense existing buildings. The solution of this problem may be improving by building new bridges, road junctions and estokads The article is devoted to studies of deformation and crack resistance, proposed by the authors, constructive solution with double-beams continuous span bridge for complex construction conditions.

Investigation of the Carbide-tipped Tool Wear Hardened by Method of Aerodynamic Impact

Theoretical calculations and experimental studies of the influence of wear on the cutting process and the precision parameters of machining by hard alloys during milling are described in the article. The method of aerodynamic hardening is designed to increase the durability of tools, which are heterogeneous compositions of tungsten carbides, titanium and tantalum with cobalt ligature operating under severe process conditions with varying impact loads.

Deformation accompanying of processes of consolidation, deconsolidation and phase transitions in internal structures of the Earth

The processes of consolidation, deconsolidation, phase transitions and destructions in the terms of internal structures of the Earth аre studied on the base of non-linear theory of deformable solid bodies.  It is shown that the loss of stability of equilibrium state can precede to the processes of deconsolidation, phase transitions and destructions on geometric form change (structural instability).

Deformation monitoring of location areas of responsible engineering objects

The results of long-term studies of landslide processes in the areas of operation of pumped storage power plant with the help of modern GNSS technologies are considered. The presence of deformation of the earth's surface, both in terms in plane and vertical, is revealed. Displacement of some points is a closed-return trajectory and not exceed a few millimeters. Another part of the points is characterized by the horizontal displacements with the presence of returning movements.

Forecasting deformations of nuclear power plant structures

When studying the dynamics of sedimentation of the foundations of nuclear power plants, paramount importance, in addition to regular measurements, is acquired by their theoretical prediction. Since the amount of sediment affects a variety of different factors, it is practically impossible to take them into account in mathematical modeling. Even the consideration of several factors leads to a system of partial differential equations, the realization of which is a rather complex mathematical problem.

Investigation of the Influence of Machining Factors on the Workpiece Deformation Mode in the Chip-forming Zone by the Finite Element Method

The results of studies of the impact strength, temperature factors and parameters of cutting tool geometry on the formation of the stress-strain and thermodynamic state of surfaces with different types of engineering materials in the cutting process are described in the article. Analysis of simulation modeling of power, temperature and deformation parameters is the basis for making of forecasting models of influence of the structure and process parameters on the formation of complex operational properties of the product.

Remote control measuring system based on strain sensors

The paper describes an automated wireless monitoring system developed for stress-strain state of main pipelines. Since the most damages occur in the main pipelines’ areas of intense plastic deformation, their remote control in such areas is of significant interest, and one of the solutions to the problem is the proposed measuring system based on Si-whisker sensitive elements.