Автоматизована ідентифікація об’єктів регулювання за їх експериментальними імпульсними характеристиками

Пропонується новий метод отримання передавальних функцій об’єктів регулювання за їх експериментальними імпульсними характеристиками, який полягає у тому, що задача ідентифікації зводиться до математичної задачі апроксимації експериментальних даних аналітичними виразами і розв’язання її за допомогою інформаційних технологій.

Використання генетичних алгоритмів для апроксимації функцій дійсними поліномами

Наведено метод апроксимації функцій поліномами з дійсними степенями, в якому підбір степеня здійснюється за допомогою генетичного алгоритму.

The method of approximation of functions by polynomials with real powers, which is the power of selection with a genetic algorithm.

Програмна апроксимація термометричних характеристик діодного сенсора температури в ОС Android

The method of calibrating diode temperature sensors, based on a combination of two generalized methods: spline interpolation and approximation using orthogonal Chebyshev polynomials. The program of implementation of the OS Android. The established requirements for calibration carried out to obtain the final result thermometric curve as accurately as possible. It automates the process of obtaining the interpolation table and optimize calibration procedure. The method for approximating the characteristics tested termodiod sensor type DT-471 company Lake Shore.

Genetic Algorithm Application for Synthesis and Analysis of Electromechanical Systems

One of modern possible problem solutions of analysis and synthesis in electromechanical systems is the recourse to a genetic algorithm as a method of artificial intelligence. The originality of the proposed approach lies in the usage of fractional order models to solve the above-mentioned problem. The quality function is proposed to be used in the developed algorithms for analysis and synthesis procedures of electromechanical systems. It is also proposed to get the desired outcome of results deviation from the set values by means of quality function control after each iteration.

Effective methods of approximation and prognostication of settling engineering buildings

Aim. Improvements of the methods of approximation of settling by exponential, finely-rational, polynomial, and sinusoidal functions with the definition of intervals between observation cycles. Methods and results of the work. The methods of approximation and prognostication of settling of control benchmarks of building are examined.

Comparative analysis of algorithms for projected laser line identification and recognition for 3d scanning devices

This paper is devoted to the comparative analysis of algorithms for identification and recognition of the projected laser line. The principles of these methods, their negative and positive aspects and the possibilities of their implementation for 3D-scanning devices are described. Algorithms approbation was conducted on experimental setup using C++ programming language and OpenCV library. It is shown that, depending on the image size and details of the input image, one or another algorithm should be applied

Approximation of fractional order differential-integral controllers by integer order transfer functions

The article is devoted to the approximation of fractional order differential-integral controllers by integer order transfer functions using the Oustaloup transformation. The dependence of the accuracy of practical approximation of fractional differential and integral units by the ratio of integer order polynomials on the Oustaloup transformation order has been examined.

Approximation of equivalent source parameters change function by Franklin functions

A problem of approximation of the primary energy flow parameters change function by linear approximations to ensure a minimal error is considered in the paper. A representation of the parameters of voltage and internal resistance of equivalent generators of renewable sources as linear functions allows an increase in the level of energy transmitted to the load. To solve the problem set, it is proposed to approximate the primary energy flow parameters change function by the system of Franklin orthonormal functions.

Approximation accuracy analysis of high order electromechanical systems objects with fractional transfer functions of different types

An approximation of the transfer function of the high-order particle swarm synthesized by links (models) of various types of fractional order and estimate the accuracy of this approximation by comparing transient and frequency characteristics by means of mathematical modelling in MATLAB Simulink. We prove that the approximations for induction generator with self excitation using fractional model of the first order.