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Arc overvoltages in a 35 kV mixed air-cable electrical network

Distribution networks with a voltage of 35 kV are mostly used to supply electricity consumers located in rural areas. These networks, which mainly have overhead lines, normally function according to the radial principle, although in most cases they are closed or with two-way power. In recent years, the structure of 35 kV electric network has been changing, they are being transformed from aerial to aerial- cable due to the construction of 35 kV cable lines in rural areas, which in most cases are performed with cables with cross-linked polyethylene insulation.

Online insulation monitoring system for high voltage bushings 330 kV

Insulating structures of high-voltage electrical equipment are exposed to electromagnetic fields, atmospheric factors, natural aging processes and more. The consequence of this is the deterioration of their dielectric properties, damage to the insulating structure, which often leads to explosions, fires, injuries to staff. Therefore, the use of informative, reliable and safe diagnostic systems is an important operational task.


It is important to take into account not only existing trends, analyzing development of architecture, but also to predict the probable ones. They may occur in the medium term, around 2050. Energy and information are two key areas that determine all other aspects of human life. The most important task of the energy sector is to provide clean energy in amounts not less than the current ones in the future. The only one possible source of clean energy that will provide all current needs for a million years is fusion. Quantum computer is considered a “Holy Grail” of IT sector.

Modeling Synchronous Machines Overexitation Limiters to Analyze Power System Stability

This article surveys the modeling aspects of modern excitation systems for synchronous machines that is used to analyze power system stability. We presented peculiarities of over excitation limiter mathematical model and tested their performance for real power stations.

Influence of the mode of neutral of the electric system of 6 - 35 kv is at the level of internal overstrains

On the basis of computer simulation researched the influence of the grounding conditions of neutral of electrical network 35 kV on the level of arc, commutation, ferorezonansni overvoltage. Shown that the values of arc overvoltage and character development ferorezonans processes is significantly affected mode neutral grounding network. There were given schematic dependencies of arc overvoltage multiplicities which depend on the nature of combustion of grounding arc, grid configuration and the conditions of neutral grounding.