Structural analysis

Design and operational peculiarities of four-degree-of-freedom double-legged robot with pneumatic drive and turning mechanism

Problem statement. Mobile robots are of significant interest among scientists and designers during the last several decades. One of the prospective drives of such robots is based on pneumatically operated walking (stepping) system with no use of electric, heat, magnetic or other types of energy. This allows the use of pneumatically-driven robots in the cases when the use of other energy sources is prohibited (e.g., in some gaseous or fluid mediums).

Structural and kinematic analysis of pantograph-type manipulator with three degrees of freedom

Problem statement. The processes of development and improvement of autonomous mobile robots are significantly constrained because of the lack of an open-access comprehensive scientific and theoretical framework for calculating and designing of autonomous mobile robotic systems Purpose. The main objective of the paper consists in carrying out kinematic analysis and motion simulation of pantograph-type manipulator with three degrees of freedom. Methodology.

Compound terms with the seme ‘structural element of the building: features of attributive components

The paper identifies and analyzes the attributive components of two-component terms that are names of structural elements of buildings. The productiveness of these term-word combinations in modern Ukrainian language is revealed.

Structural analysis of terms of cosmetics and cosmetology

The structural content of Ukrainian professional dictionary of cosmetics and cosmetology is analyzed in the article. In particular one-word terms and multi-component terms are described. Among one–word terms it is distinguished non-derivative Ukrainian names and also borrowed terms-derivatives, terms-juxtapozites, terms-composites: composites with borrowed stems; composites with national stems; combined composites and also terms-phrases.

Structural and Kinematic Synthesis of the 1-DOF Eight-Bar Walking Mechanism with Revolute Kinematic Pairs

Problem statement. The use of existing and the most widespread drives (wheeled and caterpillar one) is sometimes limited by complicated operational conditions while moving on rough terrain. The mentioned drives require a relatively flat surface to be operated effectively. A rocky or a hilly terrain imposes the demand of the use of alternative types of drives, in particular, walking ones.

Structural and Kinematic Analysis Inertia Reel Compilation Shovel Horizontal-axis Wind Turbines

Different constructions of inertial mechanisms of blades folding of horizontal-axis wind turbines are considered in the article. Their structural analysis is held and analytical dependencies for calculation kinematical parameters of the mechanisms are presented. Based on the kinematical analysis data the influence of different geometrical parameters on changing of blades position angle and displacement of regulation sliders is investigated. The features of calculation of construction parameters of inertial mechanisms of blades folding of horizontal- axis wind turbines are analyzed.

Structural analysis of the land of historical and cultural purpose

Performed structural analysis of land of historical and cultural significance, which consists of two sets, which are represented as a graph. Found that the complexity of the relations is the same as for measures to influence the system, and for the subjects that affect the system.