Principles of developing a web application for monitoring employee skills

Summarizing the definition of the concept of "skills" from the reviewed literary sources, we determine that: skills are a combination of knowledge and skills that a person has acquired during his life. To improve skills, you need to choose certain tools (trainings, seminars, webinars, online courses, refresher courses, reading special literature, etc.). Personal qualities and attitudes of young people are important in choosing tools and achieving results. As part of this study, the principles of building a web application for monitoring the skills of employees were designed and developed.

Spatial-temporal geodynamics monitoring of land use and land cover changes in Stebnyk, Ukraine based on Earth remote sensing data

The article presents the analysis and monitoring of land-use/land cover (LULC) changes considering the case study of Stebnyk, Lviv region, Ukraine, as an area of increased anthropogenic hazard impact (characterized by the karst sinkholes creation which is the result of extracting the potassium salt from underground mines and the violation of their conservation).

Methodical Approaches to Determining the Priority Directions of Transportation of Railway Rolling Stock Operators in the Field of Freight

In recent years decrease in volumes for all types, except imports by types of freight transporta- tion by the railways of Ukraine. The article is devoted to the problem of ensuring mutually beneficial cooperation between cargo owners and freight carriers in the  field of railway transportation in Ukraine. The purpose of the article is to determine the priorities in the area of servicing freight owners by Ukrainian railways to ensure the validity of relevant management decisions by the railway rolling stock operators.


As part of the research entitled "Experimental determination of the optimal amount of air in a selected room in Ukraine based on measurements of carbon dioxide concentration", an experimental measurement was performed in a selected school room in Ukraine. The aim of the experimental measurement was to determine the course of air temperature, relative humidity and carbon dioxide concentration during the teaching process. From the carbon dioxide concentration curves, it is possible to calculate the required ventilation intensity in the room.


The article presents the results of monitoring the state of the air environment of Lviv region in 2020. The main sources of pollution are identified and statistical data on emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere are given. The aim of the work is to analyze the state of the environment, natural resources of Lviv region, trends in their changes and environmental measures.

System of monitoring the state of subjects under conditions of quarantine restrictions

The principles of improving the fight against coronavirus disease SARS-CoV-2 by automating the process of monitoring the state of subjects have been studied. The system analysis of theoretical resources is carried out, the basic approaches for system development are defined. Possible variants of system operation modes for further development are investigated, the most complex approach for system design is chosen. The critical requirements of software and hardware components for system creation are formed. Selected software and hardware for system development.

Investigation of the mining departments influence of Solotvynsky salt mine SE on the Earth surface, buildings and constructions using satelite radar monitoring

The most dangerous exogenous geological processes (EGP) in terms of the amount of damage caused to economic objects include: landslides, karst, flooding, abrasion, mudslides, etc. The distribution and intensity of EGP are determined by the peculiarities of geological and geomorphological structure of the territory, its tectonic, neotectonic and seismic regime, as well as hydrological, climatic, hydrogeological paleo- and modern conditions. Solotvynsky salt mine is one of the oldest enterprises in Transcarpathia. The field has been exploited since the Roman Empire.

Principles of Monitoring and Control of the Network of Charging Stations of Electric Vehicles

This paper explores the principles of construction, monitoring, management, and safety organization in the network of charging stations for electric vehicles. The use of elements of modern client-server technologies and elements of cyber-physical systems in such networks is offered. The basic structure of the cyber-physical control system of the charging station network has been developed. Network server and client tools have been researched and developed. Structural and functional server solutions and client parts are submitted.

Assessment of environmental conditions within the limit of the riparian water protection strips using the WEBGIS technology

Abstract. The goal of this research is the assessing of the current conditions of water protection strips in their role as an effective buffer that prevents water bodies from deteriorating due to soil erosion and pollution. In base of this study the action plan is developing to improve the conditions of the water protection strips for the lakes. The  approach focused on the idea of an empirical study (based on observations and field measurements) on the environmental quality.

Circular Model of Interaction of Enterprise Innovation Capacity and Exports

In the current conditions of globalization and European integration, the need for the development of innovative economy and activation of export activity, innovation capacity is one of the key drivers of export diversification towards science-intensive products. An important prerequisite for starting and developing export activity is not only the availability of sufficient innovation potential, but also the willingness, need and feasibility of introducing and commercializing innovative products in foreign markets.