geodynamic processes

Geodynamic processes in the territory of the Svidovets mountain massif of the Ukrainian Carpathians (in the zone of the planned creation of a tourist and recreation complex)

The purpose of the research is a comprehensive analysis of various geodynamic natural processes on the territory of the Svydovets mountain massif of the Ukrainian Carpathians - the zone of the planned creation of a tourist and recreational complex for the development of a program for their further detailed study in the area of the planned activity (PА). The methodology includes a comprehensive analysis of the manifestation and course of dangerous geodynamic processes based on source information and individual studies of the authors.

The Earthquake in Kryvyi Rih 14-01-2011 as a local result of seismotectonic and man-caused processes

In the paper the results of the conducted analysis of records of the registered seismic event which was take place 2011.01.14 in Kryvyi Rig and arguments in favour of determine this event as earthquake are presented.

Stochastic model of the geodynamic process

Questions of the mathematics modeling of local and global processes of Geodynamics are examined. The model of the process must take into account all its sources at the same time. This demand can be ensured by simultaneously calculating variations from all results of observations of geodynamic features. This task is solved by the determination and use of properties of covariance functions for fields of observation results.

Geodynamic conditions and facial features offormation of Proterozoic-Paleozoic black shale deposits of Volyno-Podillia

In the article the geodynamic conditions and facial peculiarities of formation of Proterozoic-Paleozoic black shale deposits of Volyno-Podillia are consided. The deciding role in formation of these deposits had mainly descending movements of Baikalian, Caledonian and Variscan foldings. Black shale deposits formation took place in bathyal environments of the north-western part of Volyno-Podillia in the zone of junction of Eastand West-European platforms.

Pequliarities of geological structure and geodynamic evolution of south-eastern part of Volyn-Podolsk plate in the context of hydrocarbon potential

Data on the history of geological evolution of the south-eastern part of zone of junction of Volyn-Podolsk plate and Carpathian foredeep are generalized. The main structural and tectonic elements are describe which are formed at different stages of development of this area. Geodynamic factors of formation of hydrocarbon traps are analyzed and the main prospective areas are selected.

Seismicity, geology, seismotectonics and geodynamics of Tereblya-Ritska HPS area (Ukrainian Transcarpathians)

Purpose. The aim of the work is to conduct the complex analysis of seismicity, geology, seismotectonics and difference scale geodynamic processes in the Tereblya-Rika hydro power station (HPS) area in the Ukrainian Transcarpathians (23.35-23.87ºS, 48.23-48.51ºN) to refine estimation of geo-ecological risks. Methods.