Geodynamic processes in the territory of the Svidovets mountain massif of the Ukrainian Carpathians (in the zone of the planned creation of a tourist and recreation complex)
Received: October 10, 2023
Uzhgorod National University
Uzhgorod National University
Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

The purpose of the research is a comprehensive analysis of various geodynamic natural processes on the territory of the Svydovets mountain massif of the Ukrainian Carpathians - the zone of the planned creation of a tourist and recreational complex for the development of a program for their further detailed study in the area of the planned activity (PА). The methodology includes a comprehensive analysis of the manifestation and course of dangerous geodynamic processes based on source information and individual studies of the authors. The Svydovets massif is located within the Central Synclinal Zone of the Carpathians, which is composed of Eocene and Oligocene chalk flysch. The highest part of the ridge with the southwestern and southern slopes and peaks Chorna Kleva (1720 m), Ruska (1678 m), Bratkivska (1788 m), Gropa (1759 m) is confined to the territory of the PA. The massif is characterized by a complex division of thrust structural slices of the Porkuletsky, Duklyansky and Chornohirsky nappes (covers). There are very steep north-eastern and gentle south-western slopes. The main forms of relief that characterize relict glacial relief are cirques, glacial valleys, rocky cirque ridges, steep rocky walls of cirques, moraine deposits, etc. On the southern and northern macroslopes of the Bratkivska Range, stone placers have been preserved from the Ice Age. Slope placers on the south-western macroslopes (areas of the Gropa, Ruska and Chorna Kleva mountains) are potentially dangerous for the formation of landslides and screes. Activities on the middle and lower slopes require special attention, where there is a possible negative impact during the construction of roads, felling and transportation of forest. Earthquakes, mudslides, landslides, debris flows, landslides, and avalanches are among the most dangerous processes on the territory of the PA. Earthquakes are of minor magnitude. Landslides and ossips are common on the northern and eastern slopes of the Svydovets massif, including on the watersheds and southwestern slopes of the Bratkivsky ridge. They are confined to slopes of considerable steepness (more than 35°) and occupy a small area. Small landslides with a volume of several tens of cubic meters of rock predominate, and rockfalls with fragments of 1-1.5 m in size. Landslide processes are widespread in the Ukrainian Carpathians, in particular within the PA in the Krosno tectonic subzone, which covers the latitudinal segment of the upper basin of the Chorna Tysza and the Yasinya syncline. Manifestations of avalanche activity on the Svydovets massif occupy one of the first places in the Ukrainian Carpathians along with the Chornohora and Borzhava ridges. The length of avalanches can be more than 1.5 km, and the volumes of avalanches - more than 400,000 m³. The Bratkivsky ridge is a non-avalanche active area, while the northern slope of the Svydovets massif and the Chorna Tysza valley are avalanche- dangerous. Considering that the PA territory covers mainly the southern slope of the Bratkivsky ridge, the avalanche danger is insignificant. Scientific novelty. The manifestation and activity of various dangerous geodynamic processes within the territory of the Svydovets massif - a zone of possible anthropogenic impact on the environment as a result of PA for the development of the ski resort - are analyzed in detail. Practical significance. The results of the research will help to the future developer of the ski tourist and recreational complex to develop a program for further detailed study of dangerous natural phenomena at the planned construction site, and can be partially used in the implementation of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report for PA. They also inform the public about the possible impact of PA on the environment.

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