spatial planning

Theoretical aspects of public management of spatial planning at the local level

Problem setting. Decentralization reforms in Ukraine require a new way of looking at the implementation of public management mechanisms in the country as a whole. The challenges and opportunities arising during the reforms create a necessity for new mechanisms that can be applied at the local level of public management. Such necessities result primarily from the existing system of public management in the area of spatial planning, which currently focuses mainly on the state and regional level.

Planning, spatial and investment aspects in the protection of cultural landscapes and objects of historical value in Poland

The paper presents the system of local spatial planning and investment processes in Poland. That is also considered of determinants and directions of spatial development and in the loval master plan that the zones of conservatory are established, which are supposed to rotect monuments situated in these areas. The paper also presents Polish institutions engaged in monument preservation as well as examples of historic urban patterns from the matopolshic voivodeship

Legal and conceptual aspects of development of the spatial development monitoring system in Poland

In the paper the problem of the development of a system for spatial planning monitoring is undertaken. The legal possibilities and restrictions connected with the designing and creation of such system are indicated. A review of the activities on this area is also presented together with the proposal of methodological solutions necessary for developing a concept of the monitoring system which would enable to generate spatial-based information at national and regional scales.