fuzzy logic

Investigation of the defuzzification method influence on characteristics of the system with takagi-sugeno fuzzy controller

A dynamic system that consists of two subsystems is considered. The influence of defuzzification method on quality indicators of the system is investigated. A comparison of the main defuzzification methods is held

Особливості побудови інформаційних технологій моделювання процесів розвитку туристичних та інфокомунікаційних комплексів

In this research a number of important scientific and applied problems associated with the development of information technology for simulation based on physical analogies for objects of tourism industry and information and communication infrastructure are solved. The processes of integration of these technologies n an appropriate information system modeling for the study and construction of effective tourism and information and commu¬nication systems.

Методи видобування даних з баз нечітких знань

The paper aims to study the fuzzy data mining techniques. The emphasis is put on an intelligent analysis of fuzzy knowledge bases and problems that arise. Most popular methods are described, their advantages and results obtained with their assistance are highlighted. Generalized use cases of such methods are given.

Evaluation of financial condition of enterprises using fuzzy logic

The importance of financial analysis of enterprises in the modern market economy is considered in this article. As a result of this process we receive an important piece of information for decision making by enterprise managers. Almost all subjects of market relations: owners, shareholders, banks and other lenders, investors, auditors, suppliers and buyers, insurance companies and others are interested in this information. One of the current and future directions of research in analysis, forecasting and modelling of economic phenomena and processes is fuzzy logic.

Methods of increasing efficiency of commercial web projects management in conditions of uncertainty

The method of content management as its life cycle stage based on Fuzzy Logic is proposed. The method of content management describes the commercial web resources forming and automation technology that simplifies the content management. Ways and procedures of Project decision making in management of commercial web-projects under conditions of incomplete and inaccuracy of some are described in the paper. Principal factors of project decision making were analyzed, reasons and nature of project characteristics of incomplete and inaccuracy are defined.