axis of rotation

Study of the technical state parameters of large-size rotating mechanisms

Goal of the article is to develop a mathematical model of the movement of the cross-section center of the ellip- tical casing in the supporting elliptical bandage to increase the straightness of the geometric axis of the rotary furnace body at the support point, which depends on the sizes of the elliptical casing and bandage, their mutual location on the support, as well as the axes orientation of the ellipses of the cross-section casing relative to each other on different supports. Significance.

Engineering and geodetic control of rotation axis straighness of the rotary furnace

Existing optical-mechanical control methods and means of linearity of rotary furnace’ axis are very complicated and do not provide needed accuracy. Proposed new methods of engineer-geodetical control by total stations are not so complicated and provide needed accuracy.


Control of the major axes of rotary kilns using electronic total stations

The development of modern technique has led to the improved methods for the determination of geometric parameters of the big-sized rotary kilns. There are methods measuring of the rotary kilns axizes. It is shown, that use total station allow provide effective operation of this equipment.